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The Intrastate Telecommunications Service Providers Registration was developed to identify telecommunications carriers; the company's principal officers, the services they provide, and to ensure quick and accurate communication in resolving complaints.

Adopted in response to consumer complaints of "slamming" and "cramming," Commission Order U-11900 requires all intrastate telecommunications service providers to register with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) on a yearly basis and at any time during the year when a change occurs in company information.

Adopted in December, 2005, Section 211a of the Michigan Telecommunications Act requires a "provider of any telecommunication service utilizing a new or emerging technology" to likewise register with the ITSP.

The ITSP registration includes, but is not limited to: incumbent telephone companies providing local service, competitive local service providers, local toll service providers, state-to-state long distance providers, wireless, VoIP, Broadband Over Power Lines and resold long distance providers. For definitions of provider types, see the glossary page.

The registration form consists of names, addresses, telephone, and fax numbers of company officers and a customer service contact. All d/b/a's for your company must be listed. In addition, you will be asked to provide information for an "authorized agent." The authorized agent is the person or entity authorized to accept service of legal documents for your company. You will need to list what services are being provided in Michigan. You must also know your company's federal identification (FEIN) number, and you will be asked for an e-mail address for the company. A company e-mail address is imperative, since our intent is to move solely to electronic communication.
The public will see your company's name and all d/b/a's associated with your company, address, main phone and fax numbers; customer service contact name, address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address.
Registering on the web is free and the quickest, most accurate way to be placed in the database. You will receive a confirmation page following your registration. In addition, after you have registered you will be able to make changes online to your registration information when necessary.
No. Once you have submitted a registration for review any older registrations are removed from the Commission’s website, and the company will not appear in a search. If you have registered recently and received a "submission successful" page upon submission, your data is still awaiting review and approval by the Commission. This usually takes approximately 5-10 business days. If it has been longer than this, please contact Josh McConkie at mcconkiej@michigan.gov. Do not submit another registration. If you register more than once, your entry will be deleted and you will have to register again.
If you notice a mistake after you register, please wait for the registration to be reviewed and accepted. Then log into the system and make any necessary changes. If you register more than once before the submission has been approved, it is possible your entry will be deleted and you will have to register again.
Questions regarding the registration process should be directed to Josh McConkie, mcconkiej@michigan.gov